Fusion is a transformational family workshop—a rigorous camp that has us become skillful in listening, communicating and loving each other and oneself. Fusion challenges and empowers each participant to live the life they want and have love expressed in ways that make a difference. Fusion doesn’t create family; it makes family more real and accessible. Fusion is for anyone who believes that family is of the highest importance and is willing to do the “work” that makes family great.

“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

The greatest opportunity for intimacy and authentic love is given to us through our family. And yet, we often miss it, filling our lives with busy-ess and distraction from those gifts that are in front of us – our children. We work hard ‘for’ them, to provide for them, to keep them safe, but often miss the opportunity for genuine interaction.

Family is the place we, as children, can learn that we are loved – no matter what. Through our successes and failings, we will always be picked up, dusted off and sent on our journey by loving, caring parents. This is not, however, always our experience. Children often grow up with emotional wounds and are looking for ways to heal them.

While parents are in the position to love, care, and raise up their children, I have also found that there is a learning, a growing that takes place as we learn to receive their gifts of love, of perception, of perspective. We grow into a deeper parental heart, the heart of God, as we venture into the vulnerable place of healing with our children.

Fusion brings these two worlds together, allowing healing to take place. We come from the position that there is not a ‘fault’ or judgment of behavior in the interaction of parents and children. When we each realize that the other has been doing their best, motivated out of goodness, acceptance and forgiveness can take place. Healing and rebuilding are always the only way. What often seems an insurmountable – wanted but undesirable – confrontation, can become a moment of true connection. Given a proper context for openness and vulnerability, a shift can take place, which will offer a new outlook on life, on love and family.

Fusion provides this context for the possibility of a new relationship to exist.


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Fusion 2015 Dates

East Coast Session

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East Coast Session

●$200 for one applicant
●$375 for 2 applicants ($25 savings)
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●$725 for 4 applicants ($75 savings)

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East Coast Session

Cancelled for 2015

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Important Notice

Please understand that Fusion is an outdoor camp and the NextGen Trainings staff is committed to making any necessary accommodations for your experience. If you are sensitive to heat/sunlight or if you have any physical limitations or concerns, please inform our Fusion staff before the program at admissions@nextgentrainings.com.