Change in life is inevitable. Ignite gave me the tools to face the fear I have of the unknown. To really live my life with passion and develop myself to overcome that which challenges me.

Gabe, CA

Come to Ignite to understand, and most importantly, experience what life and relationships can be; how amazing they can be. At the very least, come to Ignite to change your attitude on life itself, which will forever change your world.

Hwa-Seung, NY

Your eyes will be open to new things. A new adventure, new relationships and a new direction. It is so different than any other camp I have attended. I felt connected.When you think of five days, it seems so short right? Everyday you have a new experience, stretching out time. You literally feel like time has stopped. I have gained so much.

Suma, NY

Ignite really wakes you up. Gets you out of your daily routine and you can really take a good look at yourself and your life. It can help you overcome your past and fears, and be able to move forward. It challenges you and helps you grow.

Kuni, CA

I still can’t believe how much I’ve changed in just five days. I opened my heart to everyone in this camp and learned how to express my love to others. What I’ve learned will stay with me forever.

Tzu, WA

I was able to conquer my fears by believing in myself. Ignite really challenged me to go deeper and find something within myself that will keep me going and push me to overcome fears and my breaking point so that I could take that leap of faith and get to where I want to be and truly be free.

Harumi, CA

If you’re looking for a kick-start into a new way of life… Ignite is where that happens.

Joe, CA

I really wish my brother could have come. I’d tell him that this camp is different. Everything you do here has meaning, it’s fun, and helps you make deeper friendships. Overall, Ignite is a great tool to help you find and achieve your passions and dreams.

Kwonil, CA

Don’t get caught up on the ‘how’… Focus on the ‘why’ and what drives you to it. This camp isn’t something you have experienced before. It gives you the chance to empower yourself, challenge yourself, and learn to live again. But you have to be open to try new things. In the end you can be transformed and gain new true friends.

Nikki, PA

To teach and train people how to adopt principles that will change their lives forever- that is true leadership- and that is what Jeff has done in my life as a dear friend and mentor. His guidance has not only led me to discover a deeper level of happiness and success in my personal and professional life, but I have witnessed the same phenomena in the lives of many others he works with. Jeff amazes me in the way he transfers his own confidence and clarity to others, guiding individuals and groups to achieve their dreams. This is not only apparent as founder and Director of the ground breaking youth leadership program, Next Gen Academy, but also in his personal life as an amazing husband and father to his four beautiful children. I consider it a tremendous honor to work with Jeff and I can’t wait to see the magic of his work on this earth continue to unfold.

Irene, AK