Jennifer Perkins

Ignite Director 2013 – 2014

Born and raised in a small town in New York, Jennifer has constantly searched for ways to make the environment around her more productive and successful. In class, in sports, in stage productions, she strove for excellence. Always looking for the most efficient way to finish the task at hand and giving 100% to make sure it happens.

This attitude has led her to being given many leadership positions that taught many lessons. The biggest lesson being that leadership is more about service than giving orders; having a heart of sacrifice and dedication to the mission at hand. Whether that mission is motivating a group of her peers through a difficult experience, or making sure everyone wakes up on time. Doing the dishes, or giving a lecture. Jennifer learned that when there is ‘nothing to do,’ there is always a way to serve. That, along with the doctrine of never giving up, were the most important lessons learned at her mother’s knee and they have carried her through the most difficult experiences.

Jennifer is determined to stand for the belief that all people have lives that are worth living. She will never give up on that truth in the people she meets.