Jeff Adshead

This process of life is an exciting adventure – I don’t want to miss a single moment.

For over 25 years, Jeff Adshead has been deeply motivated by a passion for empowering youth to experience their true potential and live in their highest ideal. He is a world class trainer having designed and led transformational programs for thousands of people in over 20 countries on 3 continents. Among his achievements are the founding of T2 Adventure Camp, NextGen Leadership Academy, the Northwest Music Fest, Camp Cool – a Winter break for teens, the 40 day Summer Challenge and numerous clubs and organizations in several countries. Jeff has incredible vision and the wherewithal to see that vision through to completion. This has been a model for others to realize that nothing is impossible and that their dreams, ideals and vision are a certainty.

His revolutionary approach to education led Jeff to become a key speaker, for three consecutive years, at a national conference of educators from around the US and Canada held annually in New York. While the content of education he teaches is relevant and inspirational, the real transformation takes place in the methodology or in creating the context for growth. You can have the best seeds, but without the proper soil, growth and transformation are impossible.

It is said that women remember things more readily than men and that this is because women tend to be more emotional than men. When we attach emotion to our experiences, they become more memorable. In Jeff Adshead’s training, the significant transformation takes place as we are led through an experience – not just an academic understanding. Education and realization.

As a teen, while traveling for two years through Europe, Jeff learned that anything is possible and that the world is our playground. An avid reader, since the age of 3, he is continually educating himself and has been taught directly by several significant mentors, including T. Harv Eker, Keith Cunningham and Blair Singer.

You will be delighted and riveted by Jeff’s humorous style and ability to bring concepts to life. Above all, Jeff is motivated by the desire to see ‘the light come on’ – for people to make some realization in their life.