Eric Bobrycki

Born, raised and educated in upstate New York—Eric has been working all over the country since 1979. Eric holds a Master of Divinity degree and has focused much of his education on the unity of all faiths. It is not unity of doctrine that is sought, but rather unity of devotion to the one God.

The work for world peace is paramount to Eric. Personal growth—that which transforms the individual—has been his focus. It is his belief that: “as a consciousness is raised, i.e., as my awareness of who I really am is realized, then that is the best way for me to effect peaceful change in the world. “

Eric has been a transformational leader, coach and mentor for 30 years. His style is invitational—he enrolls people to challenge their concept of themselves. His stand is that all people are capable and as one person is energized and engages the world for good, then that is one more opening for others to follow.

Eric has been married to Colette for 27 years and they have 6 children. Their home is in the foothills of the Sierras in Northern California.